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Pupdate #5: Poppy, our sponsored Guide Dog is almost fully trained…

Time for another update on our gorgeous sponsored guide dog, Poppy – who is just months away from earning her stripes as a full-time guide dog!

Focused on the goal (or biscuit)

Poppy is living full-time with David, a veteran Guide Dog Mobility Trainer – who is rather taken with not only her enthusiastic nature, but also with her zen-like levels of concentration!

Days with David are currently spent in two halves, with mornings being spent in busier places such as supermarkets and the afternoons being spent at home working hard on obedience training.

It’s not all work, work, work of course – Poppy often lets off steam at her local country park with forest running being her favourite activity!

Graduating is just around the corner..

Look out for our next update in February – Poppy will be earning her stripes and moving in with her new owner 🙂

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For more details on Poppy progress with Mary and Keith see Poppy’s webpage on here