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Pupdate #2: See how Poppy, our sponsored Guide Dog is thriving along…

Time for another update on our gorgeous sponsored guide dog Poppy – who is coming along leaps and bounds!

Here’s how she’s coming along…

Keeping focused

Poppy has mastered her basic obedience commands and is making great inbounds when walking alongside heavy traffic – only a tractor or two tends to worry here now as she continues to build her confidence.

Looking to the future

Poppy is learning invaluable new skills to help her future owner such as finding a spare chair in a local Costa Coffee!

A Playful Puppy!

Poppy is still a puppy at heart and is lovingly playful and cheeky hand has a vast array of toys with her blue kong toy being a personal favourite.

Curious girl

Poppy is experiencing a stack of news and different environments and is a perfect travel companion on the bus and train. (She’s also a big Green Bowls and Skiing fan!!)

Learn More

For more details on Poppy progress with Mary and Keith see Poppy’s webpage on here