Ring O Bells: Sold Out

Wow! That was quick! Plot 7 at Ring O Bells in Hampton-in-Arden received her deposit this morning meaning we are officially sold out – a mere three weeks since launch!

That’s just shy of three reservations a week – could it be a Damson record? It’s close – we’ll do some stat digging and let you know!

A second bite of the cherry…

However, as history dictates we can expect one or two sales to possibly go by the way site. In the event of this happening, we do two things before letting the general public know there is a plot up for grabs again…

1) We get people emailing us asking for first refusal if any plots come back on the market. We let these people know first.

2) If there are no takers, our newsletter subscribers and those who like our Facebook page are next up.

To email us, head over to our contact page and get in touch. Here’s our Facebook page for you to like. And you can subscribe to our newsletter in the box below.

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Here’s how the build progressing…

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