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The Robins: All plots now reserved!!

This week saw a very early milestone for The Robins, our development of brand new bungalows in Hall Green

Yes! All plots are now reserved off-plan and the build hasn’t even started yet!

What happens now if you’re still interested?

Building is due to commence in a few weeks time after we finish up over at The Woodlands in Marston Green. Further to this we’re expecting the build schedule to The Robins to be approximately 14 weeks.

This basically gives us around 4-5 months before we’ll be handing over keys and, as such in life – nothing is set in stone.

Sometimes circumstances change resulting in Plots being offered back onto the market. Given demand for this site we’ll be taking names, numbers and emails and will look to contact anyone who has expressed an interest in The Robins should any Plots become available again.

To advise us of your interest, simply send us a note via out contact page or drop us a line on 0121 709 0539.

More information about The Robins development can be found on it’s homepage and you can keep abreast of this (and all future) developments as well as gain access to all brochures by subscribing the box below.

Thanks 🙂