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Henley Grange: Weather, Irony, Windows and Roofs

A sense of irony hung in the air as the seemingly permanent monsoon moved aside just in time for the first of the roofs to go up!

Yes, we are officially at roof stage Ladies and Gentlemen!

The roof timbers went up on Plots 1 & 2 with Plots 3 & 4 chasing fiercely behind (them not wanting to be outdone you understand – such is this sibling rivalry!)

But that’s not all…

Windows started to go in too and overall the site is now begging to form before our very eyes!

Handsome, characterful, rustic, quintessential, towering, inviting and (phew) dryer!

Stop Press: Scrap the last adjective, since the time of writing it has actually started to ‘bucket it down’ again – Maybe we could use said roof timers to build an Ark instead? ;-))

Here’s how we’re looking…