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Hearts Gate: Just a Vac and some Windolene to go!

Well here we are – after 11 weeks of build (and 14 blog posts!), through rain (lots) and shine (some); our newest site nears its completion.

Yes, a rather stunning courtyard is finished, gardens have been laid and the last of the carpets are being fitted.

And it’s time for a jolly good clean too – because…

We have an Open Day coming Saturday 2nd June!

And… It’s posed to be a biggest yet as we throw in a Jubilee Party just for good measure!

We’re literally just dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s on our invites – so keep your eyes peeled on this website over the next day or two for further details!

Finally, no pics this week – we’re holding back (in other words, teasing) – since a full screen slideshow will be heading your way in the next few days…

…oh go on then! Look how pretty Plot Two is in the sunshine! 🙂