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The Hollies: My, what lovely curves you have!!

Did the surge of nippy weather put off our boys tending to The Hollies?

Of course not!

The Hollies are now well out of the ground and little tid-bits of beauty are being revealed!

First and foremost, The Hollies have started to reveal their curves – and yes, they’re all in the right places! đŸ˜‰

I am (of course) talking about the distinctive ‘curved’ bay windows which will one day soon grace these magnificent homes.

They’re designed to compliment the distinctive style of the 1930s Harry Dares houses along Allman Road. Harry Dares were popular builders in the Birmingham area and had their very own distinctive style which is still very much in demand today – Estate Agents are often asked if they have any ‘Harry Dares‘ houses!

Will people be asking for ‘Damson’ houses in 80 years? You betcha!! đŸ˜€

Elsewhere, distinctive detailed brickwork dots the flanks and we’re all set for the arrival of scaffolding over the next few days!

Go go go peeps!!

Here’s how the site looks today…