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School Mews: We’re up to the First Floor!

As promised, we’re now up to the first floor and these homes are really starting to take shape!

Ray also treated himself to the biggest van I’ve ever seen (see lead picture) – think ‘Limo’ but it’s a van – boys and their toys eh?

But back to the site…

We’ve also clocked some very important metrics for you…

Within 215 yards of the site you can pick yourself up…

  • A Pizza, At the Pizza Place!
  • A Newspaper, Magazine and Sweets at the Newsagents
  • A Takeaway at the Chinese
  • Calpol, and other essentials at the Chemist!
  • Milk, bread, and everything Else at the Convenience Store!
  • A Haircut at the Hairdressers!
  • A bouquet from the Florist!
  • Fish n’ chips at the Chippy!

Now that what I call a local conveniences!

And, yes Plot 2 is still available under our 100% Part-Ex scheme! Fancy a brand new home to an award-winning standard before Christmas? Head over to this site’s home page for more info.

Here’s how the site looked today…