The Friars – Moving Day!

With all of the homes within ‘The Friars’ cul-de-sac now sold we had our first batch of ‘movers-in’ last Friday.

The moving vans literally arrived just as we we finished mowing the lawns and hosing down the road!

This also ment we were on hand to move a box or two!

I and all at Damson Homes would like to wish the absolute very best to all of our new home owners – we wish you many happy years ahead!

Here’s some pics of last week..

(click on a thumbnail to enlarge image – scroll with cursor keys)

Pssstt… keep you eyes open for our Friars Open day!

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  • John A. Jones

    Well done, Damson.

    My apologies to Paramal for getting his name wrong last week in commenting on your celebrations. I’m getting old, you know.


    13 August 2011, 20:09 1 permalink