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‘The Friars’ is officially opened by the Mayor of Solihull

The Friars Grand Opening…

Saturday was a wonderfully proud day for us as we held out largest open day yet as we unveiled “The Friars” New Home Development in Hall Green.

Irene Chamberlain, the Mayor of Solihull officially opened our site which can be viewed along with all of our other open day activities in the video at the end of this post.

Plenty of food and drink way laid out for our guests which included the new home owners of The Friars, previous Damson Home’ owners, our invaluable team and family, and future neighbours and land partners.

The Mayors’ Guided Tour…

The Mayor of Solihull and her Mayoral Escort, her son Robert Chamberlain were given the guided tour by Ray, Parimal and Dean.

We took her through plot one and tried not to blush too much at her and her party’s surprise and compliments on not only our build quality but also the speed in which we build.

We explained that it was in fact the speed in which we build that enables us to invest in the end quality – what we save in time, we invest in finish.

Parimal also took the Mayor though our design philosophy of providing space and functionality as well as incorporating the surround area into each individual design.

Our Donation of 100 Trees to the Councils of Solihull & Birmingham

Just before the grand opening we also presented Mayor Chamberlain with our pledge to donate 100 trees to the councils of Solihull and Birmingham

Follow this link for more information on our tree donation scheme for Solihull and Birmingham.

The Opening

As Mayor Chamberlain officially cut the ribbon to The Friars to the backdrop of the applauding guests we certainly feel we can pat ourselves on the back with this one.

The Friars was Damson’s most ambitious project to date. We took a barren piece of land, one neglected by other developers – and transformed it into something quite remarkable.

A testament to this? 13 of the 14 houses sold off-plan (yes, that means there’s still one left to own). We have surprised many by this achievement, many said that it was simply not feasible for us to take on a project of this size in this market – but we’ve always had faith in our product… Which brings me nicely onto…

Two Brand New Sites Unveiled..

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we unveiled two brand new future developments in Hall Green and Marston Green.

Stay tuned to this blog. Subscribe to it here. We will be announcing more information shortly.

Can wait to hear what and where our new sites are? Then call us on 0121 709 0539 for more information. (BTW – they’re going to be fantastic!)

Sit back and enjoy…

Here’s the video I promised that the beginning. It’s in HD so feel free to enlarge it to full screen (bottom right of video).

The rest of the images taken of this special day can be viewed here.