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The Smirrells – Roofs Timbers on and it’s only day 17!

We thought Ray wouldn’t hang around with this one. A mere 17 days into the build and these plots are already looking like homes.

How do you manage to build so quick?

This is a question we always get asked. And our answer is always a simple one:

Our boys are quite simply the best in the world at what they do. Ray runs each build with military precision – we know exactly where each brick, pipe and tile will be on any given date in the future.

But Ray is nothing without his team. Each and everyone of them truly cares about the quality of the work they do, and Ray makes it easy for them to focus just on this because everything is organised and everyone on site knows exactly what’s going on around them.

Like we said, we don’t think there is anyone in this world who are better at what they do.

Here’s how the site is looking today. 3 June 2011, Day 17.

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